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The 2017 session of the Connecticut General Assembly convened on January 4th  and adjourns on June 7 th


Picture11Message from the Executive Director

As of this writing, the Connecticut General Assembly is three weeks into its 2017 session.  To date, legislators have proposed hundreds of bills for consideration by the various legislative committees. If a bill survives the committee process, these proposals could eventually be voted on by the State Senate and House of Representatives.

Currently, many of the bills have been proposed in concept only and lack specific language.  The Legislative Commissioners’ Office – the bill drafting office of the General Assembly – will then be publishing the full text of a specific proposal.  Throughout this session, the Conference will be issuing Legislative Action Alerts and the Conference hopes that it can count on you for your support and involvement.  It is imperative that our State Senators and Representatives hear from their constituents as they consider a wide variety of legislative proposals.  The Conference will once again take the lead position in dealing with the many issues of importance to the Catholic Church and with your support, the Conference will have another successful legislative session.  Please watch for future updates on legislation of interest to the Conference.

Michael C. Culhane, Executive Director



        Connecticut Catholic Bishops Release Statement Opposing Casino Gambling 

   “In light of the studies that have been done, and the negative consequences that can result in a society already burdened by so many social problems, we are strongly opposed to the expansion of casino gambling in Connecticut.”    

A Catholic Perspective on Expanded Gambling in Connecticut


Testimony on Legislation Related to Catholic Schools

S.B. No. 1012 (RAISED) FINANCE, REVENUE AND BONDING. ‘AN ACT CONCERNING THE NEIGHBORHOOD ASSISTANCE TAX CREDIT’, to expand the tax credit allowable under the Neighborhood Assistance Act to include scholarships for admission to certain private, nonprofit schools for grades kindergarten to twelve. 

     Public Hearing – March 17th (Testimony)

S.B. No. 1014 (RAISED) EDUCATION. ‘AN ACT CONCERNING VARIOUS REVISIONS AND ADDITIONS TO THE EDUCATION STATUTES’, to make various revisions and editions to the education statutes.  Contains Inter-district busing provision.

Public Hearing – March 20th (Testimony)

Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference

Testimony on Bills of Interest

The legislative session is progressing and the CCPAC has submitted testimony on several bills of interest that have reached the public hearing stage. The bills and testimony are listed below. Many proposed bills related to pro-life and pro-choice issues died in the Public Health Committee without a public hearing.

HUSKY Reductions for Parents

H.B. No. 7040  ‘AN ACT IMPLEMENTING THE GOVERNOR’S BUDGET RECOMMENDATIONS FOR HUMAN SERVICES PROGRAMS’, to implement the Governor’s budget recommendations. Includes a reduction in the income eligibility percentage that would reduce the number of parents eligible for HUSKY coverage.
      Public Hearing – March 2nd (Testimony)       

Religious Tax Exemption

H.B. No. 6469  ‘AN ACT ALLOWING MUNICIPALITIES TO DETERMINE THE PROPERTY TAX TREATMENT OF CERTAIN PROPERTIES’, to allow municipalities to determine by vote of its legislative body whether property that becomes subject to section 12-81 of the general statutes due to a change in ownership or use of such property on or after the effective date of this act will be exempt from taxation. Would allow the property taxation of properties owned by religious organizations under certain circumstances.
        Public Hearing – March 3rd (Testimony)

Healthcare/Affordable Care Act Related

S.B. No. 586 ,‘AN ACT EXPANDING MANDATED HEALTH BENEFITS FOR WOMEN, CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS, AND REQUIRING THAT THE COMMISSIONER OF SOCIAL SERVICES AMEND THE STATE MEDICAID PLAN TO PROVIDE EXPANDED CONTRACEPTION BENEFITS’, to: (1) Expand mandated health benefits for women, children and adolescents; (2) expand mandated contraception benefits; and (3) require the Commissioner of Social Services to amend the Medicaid state plan to provide expanded contraception benefits. 
      Public Hearing – February 16th – on proposed bill

      Committee Bill Actual Language Released – March 3rd (religious exemption language correction requested by CCPAC)

Safe Haven Law

H.B. No. 7121 ‘AN ACT CONCERNING REVISIONS TO THE STATE’S SAFE HAVEN LAWS’, to strengthen protections for individuals caring for infants who are considered to be in the custody of the Department of Children and Families under the state’s safe haven program. 
      Public Hearing – March 3rd (Testimony)   

Undocumented Immigrants

H.B. No. 5180  ‘AN ACT REPEALING THE STATUTE ALLOWING MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATORS’ LICENSES FOR DRIVING PURPOSES ONLY’, to repeal the statute allowing the Department of Motor Vehicles to provide drivers’ licenses to persons who cannot provide proof of legal United States residency or a Social Security number. 
       Public Hearing – February 22nd (Testimony)

Patient’s Right to Know  (religious health facilities only) 

S.B. No. 939 (RAISED) ‘AN ACT CONCERNING A PATIENT’S RIGHT TO KNOW’, to ensure that every patient knows his or her options when a health care entity refuses to provide a health care service on religious grounds. 
      Public Hearing – March 20th (Testimony)

                                        Stay Informed and Let Your Voice be Heard


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