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The 2019 Regular Session of the Connecticut General Assembly

                         Convenes on January 9th and Adjourns on June 5th                                                     

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ABC Women’s Center, Middletown


Please Urge Your State Senator and Representative to Vote “NO” on H.B. 7070 “An Act Concerning Deceptive Advertising Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers”. Click on the link below or at the end of this email to send them an email. You may edit the pre-written email. Once you enter your address the system will send the email directly to your legislators. 

Click here to send an email to your legislators.

H.B. 7070 is based on completely inaccurate and misleading information about pregnancy resource centers in our state and is part of a national campaign to discredit the work that these centers perform. This legislation is not actually driven by concerns over false and misleading advertising, but by an ideological conflict between pregnancy resource centers, that do not provide abortion services, and centers that do provide or refer for abortions. The word “abortion” is the linchpin in determining who is covered by this proposed legislation and who is not.

Thank You for Helping Us Stop the Passage of Physician-Assisted Suicide in Our State

   The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference is pleased to report that the Connecticut General Assembly’s Public Health Committee has decided not to vote on HB 5898 (the physician-assisted suicide bill) this 2019 legislative session, and that there is little hope that it will return next year.

     Thanks to your helpful voices and the dedication of groups rallied together in opposition, all of these efforts convinced Connecticut’s legislators to reject physician-assisted suicide as a healthcare option in our state for the fifth time.

     The Conference will proudly continue to promote a culture of life and support for the sick, the disabled, and the elderly.  

     We thank you for your support!  We could not have accomplished this without all of you.


  The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference is uniting with the CT State Missionary Baptist Convention and the CT Chapter of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference to speak out against the legalization of recreational marijuana in Connecticut. We exhort our Catholic parishes throughout Connecticut to join with these urban faith communities to make this initiative successful.

Schedule for Week of Call To Action: 

      – Weekend of May 4th and 5th information is made available to parishioners in the bulletin or bulletin inserts. Pastors would also announce the effort of these three faith communities to oppose this legislation. 

      – May 6th thru May 8th parishioners will call the main phone numbers of the Democratic and Republican House and Senate Offices expressing opposition to the legislation. 

     Parishes: Click here for parish information on the week of Call To Action. Please be sure to have your parish help us make this interdenominational effort a success.

Click here for additional information on the issue of legalization of recreational marijuana. 

Conference Legislation of Interest and Testimony

The 2019 Regular Session of the Connecticut General Assembly

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Connecticut Catholic Bishops Release Statement Opposing Casino Gambling 

   “In light of the studies that have been done, and the negative consequences that can result in a society already burdened by so many social problems, we are strongly opposed to the expansion of casino gambling in Connecticut.”    

A Catholic Perspective on Expanded Gambling in Connecticut