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Connecticut 2018 Session of the General Assembly

                                                                             Adjourned on May 9, 2018


                                              Physician-Assisted Suicide Legislation  – Defeated

Legislation Attacking Pro-Life Pregnancy Care Centers – Defeated 

  The Public Health Committee completed their work on March 26th and did not vote on legislation legalizing physician-assisted suicide and legislation attacking pro-life pregnancy care centers. These two bills are dead for this session of the General Assembly.

We would like to thank all the members of our legislative network who responded to our action alerts and emailed or called their legislators.  The defeat of these two onerous proposals accomplish two very important goals:

1) The failure of the physician-assisted suicide bill will help preserve quality and truly compassionate healthcare in our state.

2) The doors of our state’s pregnancy care centers will remain open and they will be able to remain faithful to their mission, continuing to give women a true choice in Connecticut.

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Connecticut Catholic Bishops Release Statement Opposing Casino Gambling 

   “In light of the studies that have been done, and the negative consequences that can result in a society already burdened by so many social problems, we are strongly opposed to the expansion of casino gambling in Connecticut.”    

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 Letter to Congressional Delegation

(Letter to Senator Blumenthal shown – identical letters were sent to the remaining six members of Connecticut’s Congressional Delegation)