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Help Us Stop the Passage of Physician-Assisted Suicide in Our State

   There are many misleading facts spread by the proponents of Physician-Assisted Suicide. One of the most prevalent is that people choose this option to relieve their pain. Information collected by the state of Oregon, which was the first state to have physician-assisted suicide reveals that this claim is not true. Actual pain, combined with concern about possible pain in the future, is only a motivating factor in the minority of cases. In the words of the Oregon Public Health Division concerning physician-assisted suicides in 2017, “ similar to previous years, the three most frequently reported end-of-life concerns were: decreasing ability to participate in activities that made life enjoyable (88.1%), loss of autonomy (87.4%), and loss of dignity (67.1%).”  Fear of being a burden on family and friends was a concern in 55.2% of the cases. Fear of pain was a concern in only 21%.

  Additionally, since physician-assisted suicide began in Oregon 20 years ago, medical staff has been present at only 10% of the suicides. The physicians role is to give the person the prescription for the deadly drugs, they have to self-administer the dose.

  Improvements in the utilization of hospice and palliative care needs to be improved in Connecticut so patients can be treated with true compassion.  Allowing a patent to kill themselves is not true healthcare and can lead to many abuses.

Click here to send an email to your state Senator and Representative asking them to oppose Physician-Assisted Suicide in our state.

Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference Supports Language on H.B.7070
Presented by the Connecticut Pregnancy Care Coalition (CPCC)

House Bill 7070: An Act Concerning Deceptive Advertising Practices of
Limited Services Pregnancy Centers

   The Connecticut Pregnancy Care Coalition (CPCC), representing many of the pro-life pregnancy resource centers in Connecticut, publicly presented an alternative to H.B. 7070. The current language in the proposed legislation, supported by pro-abortion organizations, is aimed at eliminating or controlling pregnancy care centers in our state. Although the bill should never be adopted because of the lack of any credible evidence that pro-life pregnancy resource centers have practiced deceptive advertising the CPCC felt they should offer a more balanced alternative. The CPCC agrees that no woman facing an unplanned pregnancy should ever be deceived or mislead by false advertising as she reflects on how to deal with her situation. 

   The current language in the bill has two major flaws that the CPCC proposal addresses to make it more comprehensive and fair.

1) The proposed legislation is extremely narrow and only affects centers that do not refer or perform abortions.

2)  The proposed legislation gives the Attorney General untethered power to take legal action against pregnancy care centers.

   Please read more on the issue and then contact your State Senator or Representative by clicking here .

Help protect pro-life centers in our state and the services they provide to thousands of women.

The 2019 Regular Session

of the Connecticut General Assembly

 Convenes on January 9th

                                                               and Adjourns on June 5th                                                     

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Connecticut Catholic Bishops Release Statement Opposing Casino Gambling 

   “In light of the studies that have been done, and the negative consequences that can result in a society already burdened by so many social problems, we are strongly opposed to the expansion of casino gambling in Connecticut.”    

A Catholic Perspective on Expanded Gambling in Connecticut